Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Reality Check by Peter Abrahams (Abe Book)

Stephen King wrote on the book jacket of this book, "My favorite American suspense novelist." Before I read the book, I was prepared for a thrilling suspense read. I have to say my expectations fell flat. Reality Check is the story of a small town kid name Cody who is dating the wealthiest girl in town, Clea. After Clea, gets her first B her father is determined to send her as far away from Cody as possible. She is off to Hong Kong  for the summer and upon her return she is sent to a private Boarding School out East. Devasted, Cody breaks up with Clea seeing it as his only option. Cody injures his knee on the football season and realizes his chance of a scholarship are over and drops out of school. Without Clea and football, Cody is devastated. One day he sees the local newspaper and the cover is a picture of Clea with the caption MISSING. Cody knows what he has to do- find Clea!

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